Social Media Chicago Style

Just like a Chicago-style hotdog is unique to Chicago, your social media marketing campaign should be unique to your business.  More importantly, it should be unique to your targeted audience.  Let’s break it down…

A Chicago-style dog has lots of ingredients.  Start with a Vienna Beef hot dog, drop it into a warm poppyseed bun, and cover it with a wonderful combination of toppings:  bright green relish, yellow mustard (not Dijon), tomato wedges, chopped onions, a kosher-style pickle spear running alongside the dog, a couple of spicy peppers and finally, a dash of celery salt.  That’s a lot of toppings!

But not everyone likes every topping.  Some don’t enjoy the pickle.  Others may not have a taste for the peppers.  And so it is with any comprehensive social media strategy.  A savvy social media marketer (whether it is a business owner, store manager, or marketing guru) needs to recognize his or her customer base and create a campaign that makes sense for that base.

Creating a strong, loyal customer following means consistent branding and a quality experience (think of every time you eat at a particular restaurant and the food tastes different each time you eat there.  Not good!).  The content needs to be thoughtful, creative and on-target.

Similarly, prospects (who hopefully will turn into customers) may need to be catered to in a different manner.  They may hate mustard and prefer ketchup (a big no-no in Chicago by the way).  Perhaps they love how everything tastes but they hate the texture of the bun.  You get the idea.

Regardless, two things must happen:  1)  the customer and prospect bases must be correctly identified, and 2)  the content directed at each base must hit its target.  If this is done correctly, that dog is gonna taste mighty delicious.  Get it wrong, and that customer may never eat at your hotdog stand again. Chicago style hotdog