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FlipSwitch Consulting Group is a full service social media marketing and branding company, with offices in Chicago and Champaign, IL, servicing a global client base.  Our goal at FlipSwitch is to provide affordable solutions that allow you, the business owner or manager, to “Turn On Your Profit™” through our suite of services, including social media and mobile marketing, content marketing, sales training, direct sales campaigns and more. Whether brand new or well established, every business needs help with marketing, especially when the rules of the game change daily. We understand this and use our expertise to take your company to the next level.

We have worked with hundreds of clients, ranging from “mom and pop” businesses to Fortune 500 companies, and have recently expanded our operations to better serve our clientele. We truly love what we do and look forward to helping business owners get the help they need without emptying their pockets. You see, to effectively help more businesses, we took a completely different approach than other companies. We structured FlipSwitch in such a way that we can provide our services for much less than other companies, without cheapening our product or service, or outsourcing to other countries. How we do it is our little secret, but what it means for your business is lower prices combined with amazing results.  Yes, you can have both!

So if your business is new or old, struggling or flourishing, or if you’re just tired of not getting results through traditional forms of advertising and marketing, we will help you! When you’re ready to grow your business, give FlipSwitch a call and let us help you “Turn On Your Profit™”!

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